Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Do you repair broken laptops or computers?
A: Unfortunately, no. I do not have the parts or tools to repair broken hardware. You should consult a reputable PC hardware repair shop, the original PC manufacturer, or the Genius Bar (in the case of a broken Mac).

Q: Do you do memory or hard drive upgrades or replacements?
A: Yes! I can do hard drive and memory upgrades for both laptop and desktop PCs.

Q: I need you to come on site to help me diagnose a problem. Do you you charge for that?
A: Yes! A minimum trip charge of $25 will be charged for showing up on site. That is in addition to hourly charges for any work performed.

Q: Do you install ethernet cable jacks or other building infrastructure?
A: No. This usually requires cutting through (and then replacing) drywall, stucco, paint etc. and is a job that requires a certain level of construction knowledge. You are better off hiring a general contractor for this type of work.

Q: Can I contract with you for ongoing work?
A: Unfortunately, no. I have a lot of different clients, all with different needs, and varying levels of urgency. I try and juggle that as best I can, and can usually meet everyone’s needs.

Q: What if you can’t fix it?
A: If I say that I can fix something and then discover (for some reason) that I can’t, that’s on me. You will not be charged. (Trip fees, if any, do still apply)

Q: What if I can’t afford your rates? Do you offer any specials?
A: My rates are competitive. I offer discount rates for jobs that will take more than one day (8 hours = 1 business day). Outside of that, tell me what you can pay (within reason) and I’ll see if I can make that work. *My discretion*

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