Service Guarantee

Head in HandsI’ve heard the horror stories!

A tech support person arrives at the house.  They spend 4 hours trying to fix a problem, they discover they can’t fix the problem, and then they charge full price for their time.  The problem is never fixed and the client is left not knowing where to turn to next.

You won’t get that kind of service from me.  My broad range of knowledge and years of previous support experience allows me to accurately estimate how long a job will take, how easy or complicated the job could get, and what to expect in terms of charges right up front.

You will never be left in the dark!

Client satisfaction is something I take seriously and I will work hard to make sure the job is done right.

In the unlikely event that I simply can’t fix something (which is rare but sometimes happens), I don’t expect you to pay full price for the work.  It’s more important to me to have a happy client than leaving someone feeling like they got ripped off, which is far too common in today’s business world.

In that case, I’ll do my best to make you a deal that works for both of us.

(Trip charges will still apply.)

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