Clean Installs

Clean-ComputerYou have tried everything to get your sluggish, slow computer to work.  You’ve run online “cleaning” applications, anti-virus software, and you have run every system tool you can think of, and your computer still runs like it’s stuck in molasses.  You want your computer to work like it did when you bought it, but so far nothing has worked.  What do you do?  Do you need to buy a new computer?

You could call the manufacturer, spending many frustrating hours on the phone only to risk the chance that something might be done wrong – like losing all your important files.  Or you could risk running your “system restore” application, and risk losing everything important on your computer.  Maybe you just need to buy a new computer and be done with it…


Sometimes simply getting a fresh start is the way to go.  You might just need a clean install of your software.

Backing up and restoring systems to a better state is something I specialize in, so contact me let a pro do it for you!

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