A Genius Alternative

GBIf you own a Mac, you probably know that Apple provides excellent customer service and that they back up their products with decent support plans and warranties.

The downside to the “Apple version” of tech support is that it all revolves around your local Apple store’s “Genius Bar”.  Its next to difficult to get tech support over the phone, much less get someone to come to your house.  So, if anything goes wrong with your Mac, no matter how small the issue is, it usually involves making a Genius bar appointment, packing up your computer, driving your computer down to your local Apple retailer and then lugging it into the store.  There you may spend up to 20 minutes waiting in line just to talk with someone at the Genius bar.  If anything is broken on your Mac, they may send it out of state to be fixed meaning that you may be out of a computer for days.

For minor Mac problems this whole set up can be a major hassle.

So, why put up with it?

Contact me today, and let’s see if we can’t fix your Mac issue on your own schedule, in the privacy and convenience of your own home or office.


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